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All links use the same format

Minimal - [Links]

General - [[Links][Label (optionnal)]] This link back to documentation

Important - do not use space before, after the link and between square bracket (eg. [(no space)[(no space)Link(no space)](no space)[ Anything you want, except if you use an image ](no space)]

Internal/External link

Internal link is the most basic and only use [Link]

External link is the same but must start with one of the following:

  • http://
  • https://
  • ftp://
  • mailto:
  • file:///
  • Notes://
  • Outlook:

Inter Wiki link

Inter Wiki link is the second step and use [Wikiname|Link]
where a vertical line( | ) split the Wikiname and the Link (Wikiname come from the tab Manage Wikis)

Inner pages

You can include the content of an other page by using [^Internal Link]


Use [$Image Path$]
to insert images. You can give a path relative to the wiki path or any absolute path, even web image (using web image require internet connection).

You can also use images as label for links.

Inline Formatting

Surround the text with...


Remember to start the line with...


To create a list, just start the line with one of the following


Remember to start the line with...

| create a table

Use the same character (the vertical bar | ) to separate out cells in a table.

For example:

Each   of   these   words   in   it's   own   box  

Horizontal Line

Any line that start with ___ (three underscore characters)


Start the line with >


You can put smileys where you want in the text except section where you do not want to apply format

Others ...

[{ not formatted

[< <html code> >]

[| Code insertion |]

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